Bhedaghat Jabalpur is a place with magic and trust me when I say it that the rock marbles formation you see over here is unmatched, out of this world. I have never seen anything like this before. Bhedaghat blows your mind away as soon as you walk down the spiraling steps and lay your eyes on the pristine waters of the Narmada River.

Lined with exquisite marble statues and unique shops selling beautiful artifacts, this place welcomes you with a calm and serene vibe. Boating in the holy Narmada River surrounded by marble rocks is an experience you can cherish only at Bhedaghat.

Things to do at Bhedaghat Jabalpur

Bhedaghat Jabalpur is a tourist destination famous for boating, shopping and ropeway.

Boating at Narmada River, Bhedaghat

Surreal is the first word that came to my mind as soon as I stepped into the boat and took a full view of my surroundings. They paint such an awesome spectacle that it’s hard to believe you indeed are encircled by snow-white rocks, capping 100 feet high on either side.

Bhedaghat Jabalpur
Bhedaghat Jabalpur

Since we took an afternoon boat ride, the sun shining bright on the marble rocks painted a surreal picture of golden and white mountains. The shadows cast by the rocks on the water were calm, just like everything else around. Bhedaghat Jabalpur is a breathtaking sight to hold. One of the places where you can just be.

The tour guide on our boat was equally an interesting storyteller and that made the ride even more memorable. He narrated how Kareena Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan romanced at the Bhedaghat in the iconic song from Ashoka. He also made us visualize different spots on the marble rocks that appeared like a small boy, lord Shiv, a king’s chair, etc. I hope this video takes you to the right moment and sways you like it did to us, seated on that boat.
Cliff Jump @Bhedaghat

What a splendid sight. I don’t think I can describe it in words. Here’s a video that might do some justice. I am so glad we explored the majestic Bhedaghat before concluding our trip.

Boating at Bhedaghat Jabalpur – The Narmada River

Note that boating rides start from November to May, post which they are shut for four months due to rains.

Dhuandhar Falls, Jabalpur

Dhuandhar Falls as the name suggests presents a waterfall dropping from the cliff with such a powerful force that it creates a smoky appearance to the eyes. The mist that’s created due to the strong flow of water is mesmerizing. Even after being quite at a distance from the waterfall, we could feel the little drops caressing our faces. The name Dhuandhar justifies this place. The locals said that the monsoon is the best time to visit Dhuandhar falls as the mass of mist and overflowing waters you see during the rainy season is simply magical. We visited the falls in December and felt the cold water and fog spellbinding. Watch this video to see the magic of what I call the Niagara falls of India! Can you hear the roaring sound of water and see the mist? Unbelievable, isn’t it?
Dhuandhar falls, Bhedaghat Jabalpur

Narmada Ropeway Bhedaghat Jabalpur

Narmada ropeway Bhedaghat Jabalpur offers a beautiful ride over the Dhuandhar falls, letting you feel the massive falls from the top. The ticket for the ropeway is Rs. 95 per person but it was totally worth it. The aerial view of the Narmada River & powerful cascading waters is good enough reason to experience this ropeway.

Narmada Ropeway Bhedaghat

Watch this video for an aerial view – Dhuandhar Falls | BHEDAGHAT | JABALPUR | Narmada Nadi| Aerial View 😱😍😇 – YouTube

Once on the other side, you can choose to explore the area around, have some refreshments and then head back to the starting point. We had a lot of fun riding this ropeway.

MP Gazab Hai

Bhedaghat in Jabalpur surprised me with its natural landscape. After our jungle safari at Kanha National Park, I for one was against traveling the 175km distance from Kanha to Bhedaghat. We had to travel back to Club Mahindra Kanha on the same day and it meant spending more than eight hours in the car. We hardly had time to explore the spot. But my husband insisted on taking the journey and I couldn’t be more thankful for it. I am in love with the marble rocks at Bhedaghat Jabalpur. Truly “MP Gazab Hai”.

Madhya Pradesh is abundant in nature. Plan your trip to Bhedaghat Jabalpur and enjoy the unparallel magic of nature.

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