Day 2 – Sindhudurg Fort and Rock Garden, Malvan

Enjoying the sea waves at Tarkarli

All I could see is water all around,
All I could hear is the soft buzz of wind and waves,
All I could feel is the cold, subtle breeze caressing my body…
This is it – I call it a heaven!!!

This was I felt when I woke up in the paradise of Konkan. In the soft laps of nature as I sat on a rock at the beach, I could experience a certain warmth and peace within. Situated in the south of Malvan, this place is rightly named Devbagh. God itself seems to have painted this place beautifully and magically with tall coconut trees and blue lagoons all around. As my friends and I sat at the shores watching the ebb and flow of the waves, we considered ourselves fortunate to wake up to the beautiful Arabian Sea and enjoy the subtlety of life. Time stopped as we sat there for hours marveling the beauty of water.

Malvan – Places to see 

Soon, we were on our way to explore Sindhudurg quite famous as the land of Shivaji. Our first stop was the Sindhudurg fort, which is approachable via a boat from the Malvan pier. The stillness of water that you see in this area, which occupies an islet in the Arabian Sea, is unimaginable. While we stood there to be rowed by a boat, we were in for a disappointment. It was an off-season and the boat would advance only after 20 people are accumulated. While we waited there in patience for our turn, the sun put us off on our way back. Although, we took great pictures of the fort from the bank and capturing it was equally amazing. We moved ahead to our second stop, which was Rock Garden. A wonderful place to be in on a sunny day, we got elated once we reached here.

Capturing the waves at Rock Garden, Malvan

Waiting on the rocks to capture that one image when the waves go up high was a difficult task, but we did manage to get our picture-perfect snap. The whole experience was chilling. We had good shots of Rock Garden and the adjacent sea.

Delicious Pomfret Fry…mmmmm

The whole Malvan expedition left us hungry and fortunately, we came across the best eating outlet of our eight-day journey. Seafood in all variety and types, Malvan is a home for seafood junkies. Filling our taste buds to the hilt, we moved back to our resort to enjoy the view of the Arabian Sea.

Picturesque sunset at Tarkarli Beach

The day ended on a beautiful and cheerful note with us capturing the sunset on the ocean. Walking hand-in-hand with my partner on the white sands in the twilight of moon was the icing on the cake. Day – 2 was a mélange of fun, peace, romance and lip-smacking food.

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