Day 3 Water sports @Tsunami Island, Tarkarli

Like a bird in the sky, let me fly high!!!

On the way to TSUNAMI ISLAND, Tarkarli
After chilling for days at the shore, we decided to pay heed to our adrenaline. Day 3 was reserved for water sports and we were all ready to ride high. Excitement, thrill, fear, and rush, we were experiencing all at once. I was so thrilled to enjoy no holds barred.

Dressed up for the occasion, we were guided by a bunch of young, enthusiastic kids to the location of the action. Our heart beats fast imagining the excitement that holds ahead, we hopped on a ferry to be rowed to the Tsunami Island

Tsunami Island, Tarkarli
A calm oasis claimed to be a remnant of Tsunami, this place presents quite a contrasting picture to the turbulent waves of the Arabian Sea.  Away from the mainland, it feels like your own private island when you are here.  Perfect for watersports,  the still and clear waters welcome you warmly to have the most adventurous time of your life. Water sports in Tarkarli offer many opportunities to indulge and take thrill in all sorts of aquatics. We had signed up for a water sports package with our resort and hence could enjoy the adventurous seesaw to the hilt.
Bumper ride at Tsunami Island, Tarkarli

The first ride was the bumper ride. We all sat together on a 4-seater bumper boat, which was attached to a high-speed water boat with a rope. We were swayed from one end to another in a matter of few seconds. The high impact bumps and swaying, all made it a fun ride to enjoy.

Jet skiing @Tarkarli

The next was jet skiing. With a life jacket on, I was ready to take control over the Jet Ski and ride it wild in the stretched Tsunami Island. The rush and the excitement of riding a jet ski are beyond words.  Then came along the water scooter. This ride was a toned one of the previous ride. The last and my favorite one was the banana ride.
Riding water scooter
On a narrow banana shaped inflated tube, we all sat with patience to hear the instructions.  The exciting part of this ride was that the instructor would continue to clash us in the water until we surrender to the blue lagoons. Oh my god! I shouted in fear. You plan to throw us in the water. That is what makes this ride the most adventurous and exciting one. Before you realize, you would find yourself gushing with water, gasping for breath, trying to stay afloat. This ride was the highlight of the day -3.

I felt so relaxed and at peace as I float there in the calm sea. It felt like Nirvana. The whole adventurous escapade made my trip to Tarkarli the most memorable one of my life.

Let me gaze the sky up to infinity as I float in my comfortable waterbed, of course with a life jacket on 😀
Floating in peace @Tsunami Island