Day 4 Bye-bye Tarkarli, Welcome to Madgaon

Beach is our backyard @Tarkarli

Sigh!!! What a see off by dolphins 🙂

Alas, our stay at Tarkarli was about to finish. At the end of fourth day, we had enjoyed more than what we have imagined.
  • Savored mouthwatering fresh seafood (Pomfret, surmai, bangda etc) and sol kadi.
Authentic Konkan Cuisine @TARKARLI
  • Strolled the Arabian Sea at midnight to catch the moon’s light on the subtle waves of sea.
  • Walked the white sands hand in hand.
Natural white stands…blissful!!
  • Saw a live shooting star
A shooting star
  • Enjoyed the adventurous and adrenaline pumping water sports.
  •  Sat across the sea gazing to infinity, and;
  •  Last but not the least watched a dolphin play on a sunrise of a beautiful morning.
Finally, we could spot Dolphins!

Yes, we were relaxed and rejuvenated to the core. No, we weren’t in any mood to leave this beautiful place. With a heavy heart, we packed our bags to go for the next location – Madgaon. Before departing, we had our last breakfast in the resort – Kanda poha and tea. It was delicious and in my friend’s words – authentic Maharashtracuisine.

Yummy Kanda Poha @Tarkarli Beach
With all the bag and baggage ready and we all set to check out, I took the seat next to the shore for the one last time in the hope to catch a glimpse of a dolphin. Fortunately or you can call it a luck, we saw dolphins in September which is an off-season and rarely any dolphin is seen during this time.

Sailing with the Dolphins @Tarkarli Beach
A local boy sitting on the rocks shouted in excitement – DOLPHIN, my vision instantly moved toward his pointed finger and I could see a bunch of them sailing and playing merrily in water. Elated, I screamed to my friends who left all their bags down to catch the glimpse and our trip to Tarkarli was announced a BLOCKBUSTER thanks to the parting shot.

Dancing Dolphin
With happiness in heart and smile on our face, we happily paid the check out amount, which was obviously not a subject to cheer. We moved to catch the ST bus to Malvan. The road from Devbaug to Malvan is carpeted with greenery all along. Fresh dew and chirping birds accompanied us as we reached Malvan bus depot from where we took a bus to Kudal station. By afternoon, we reached Kudal to catch a train to Margao.

Green carpets along Malvan

We didn’t had any train reservations but easily got the ticket. Luckily, the train was empty that day! We reached our destination before 5 pm. From there started the vicious money looting circus called GOA!!!

Look for this space to get authentic ways on how to save money while in the so-called glam GOA.

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