Day 5 – My tale of tyranny and struggles to Dudhsagar waterfalls…

Dudhsagar Falls

The stage was set, the actors were ready, and it was time to give the shot. Action!

All geared up on our Activas, we left our hotel by 8 am to get smitten by the mesmerizing tiered waterfalls called Dudhsagar Falls. We didn’t have much information on how to reach there, but we had the two so-called guides in our group who boasted of their preparations. After an hour and a half travel, we reached Collem in South Goa, a place defined to be close-by the cascading waterfalls.

As we moved in the trail, leading up to Dudhsagar something unimaginable happened. Some young guys, dressed up like goons, approached and demanded us to stop venturing further.  Filled with enthusiasm, we ignored them and kept driving. Hardly two minutes ahead and we had to stop since there was a railway crossing. The goons caught us there and gave us warnings to stop going further as Activas are not meant to venture in those areas. Since we were not listening to their warnings, they intimidated us by yelling that the native people over there will break our scooters and there are no garages over there.   
Railway crossing – Trail to Dudhsagar

The guys with their wives took notice of this and decided to stop there and then. But the two guys who were unstoppable that day decided to play a hero and venture further no matter what. After a brief moment of tussle within the group, the two guys blazed off on an Activa like the heroes going to rescue their heroines, with a bandana on their head and spirit in their heart.

In the meanwhile, the four of us waited to discuss about the plan.

What happened next! Did the two jawans conquered Dudhsagar waterfalls?

We will see when we meet next 😀

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