Exploring the beach paradise along the Konkan Coast – Tarkarli

Beautiful sunset at the Arabian Sea
(Visible from our rooms)
We are a group of ardent travelers on a mission to explore India(raw and rugged). We swear by our backpacks and are always ready to holiday, trek, and camp or go on an adventure escapade. Our adrenaline is never satisfied no matter how much we travel or explore. You can join in our journey of chill and excitement here. This is our travel tales page and here is our first blog – Best of Konkan! 

This time our motto was to chiiiiiillllllllll and what better place than the Konkan belt. I (Namita Walia) am a true Mumbaite who has traveled to far away places in India, even to Wagah Border, the sole road border crossing between Pakistan and India, but have not explored much of the state I live in.

So here we were, a group of four, at Dadar station to catch our train – Dadar to Sawantwadi Road Rajya Rani Express– at 11.55 pm. Along with my hubby, his two nasty friends were all set to chiilllllll along the picturesque beaches of the Konkan coastline.

Travel tip – If you are not on a budget trip, kindly book your tickets in 3AC, sleeper class is crowded like hell and you may not be able to even crawl to the loo…(seriously!) So, hold on the entire night or go AC.

Day 1 – Kudal station – 10:36 am

The prime mode of transport in this part is our very own ST buses and rickshaw of course. Fortunately, one of the nasty friends has booked for a XYLO (the one good thing he did on the journey) for us. Our trip to Devbaug, Tarkarli was convenient. 

Strong waves gushing the shores @Tarkarli
Lush greenery and infinitely stretched coastal line is what you will enjoy thoroughly when traveling by road in any part of the Konkan region. Our halt for Tarkarli was Siddhivinayak Beach Resort in Devbaug.

Rooms at the resort!

We have decided on Tarkarli as we wanted to chill along the beaches and enjoy some adrenaline rush via water sports. Thankfully, we could accomplish both the target at Tarkarli. It would not have been possible without this resort.

Beautiful morning at the Tarkarli Beach…
Wake up and you will be welcomed by the Arabian Sea, extending until infinity. Sleep and you will be caressed by the soft and subtle noise of wind and water. The beauty of this place cannot be explained in words. Beyond boundaries and beyond the worldly noise, we enjoyed to sip our drinks along the coast and not to forget the fish dishes you get to eat over here are lip smacking.

Our first day over had already set the mood for a relaxing yet adventurous holiday ahead!

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  1. Wow! Tarkali seems fun and serene at the same time…would definitely love to go there someday…Thanks for sharing your experience and insights with us 🙂

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