Go GREEN Nursery: Go-to place for nature lovers

go green nursery

Go green nursery, a beautiful plant nursery for shopping plants has become my go-to place to spend quiet time amidst nature. Strategically situated, near the foothills of Karnala bird sanctuary, we first discovered this garden mall almost a year and a half back.

Go Green Nursery Panvel
Go Green Nursery Panvel

On a random weekend, geared on our bike, we decided to spend a night at a resort near Karnala. There are quite a few resorts situated on the outskirts of Panvel. Sadly, Visava Amusement Park & Resort right next to Karnala bird sanctuary was fully occupied.

Flower plants at plant nursery Maharashtra
Flower plants at Go Green Nursery Panvel

S.K. Resorts, Karnala

That’s how we made our way ahead on the Mumbai – Goa Highway and discovered the Go Green nursery. Right next to it was a decent resort where we spent the night, S.K. Resorts, Karnala. The best part of our stay was that we got affordable accommodation. Each room in the resort had a theme – a popular social media name. For instance, we were in the Pinterest room. Likewise, there were rooms themed on Facebook, Instagram, and the likes.

The resort offers basic accommodation, but has a swimming pool and rain dance facility too. However, our stay was not memorable as the resort lacked basic cleanliness. There was literally no room service, but then at the throwaway cost they gave the room, what could we expect after all? It had a restaurant attached to it and the food was decent. Anyways we just had to spend a night. The night was indeed memorable as the resort is bang on the highway and the heavy vehicles running through the night added an eerie feel.

Go Green Nursery Panvel – Plant paradise

Go Green Nursery is the best place to visit for nature lovers. The moment you enter the vicinity you will feel one with nature. The nursery is aesthetically pleasing and the backdrop of mountains just adds to the whole canvas. If you are a plant lover like me, you will find all the plants under the sun at this nursery. From kitchen essentials to flowering plants to herbs. They offer more than 1500 plant varieties, labeled as per the botanical and local names. You can find all information about their unique services, like nature dating, on their website.

Variety of plants at Go Green Nursery
Variety of plants at Go Green Nursery

Go green nursery – India’s first-ever garden mall

Go green nursery is India’s first-ever garden mall and lives up to its name completely. So much so that we have, become a regular to this place. Almost every monsoon we take a trip to this place and fill up our home with the amazing plants from this nursery. Even the refreshments served at the hotel are yum. In the corona times, you can make this place your stopover while on a trip to nearby places, like Alibaug or Karjat.

Unique plant displays going green nursery
Unique plant displays, Go Green Nursery Panvel

Yusuf Meherally Centre Panvel

One another gem of a place that we discovered on our unplanned weekend trip to Karnala was the Yusuf Meherali Centre. The center is situated on the Panvel-Goa Highway, right next to the Go Green Nursery. It’s so strange that the place we never even heard was so much full of surprises. If you are planning a day trip to the Karnala bird sanctuary, then do stop at Go Green nursery for refreshments and take a nature walk at Yusuf Meherally. It’s a wonderful place to spend a day with your family. I will share more details about Yusuf Meherali Centre in another blog.

Here’s a video of this peaceful plant nursery in Maharashtra.

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