Karjat – A perfect short getaway for Mumbaikars

Karjat resort

Karjat – a picturesque town in India, is located in the Raigad district, Maharashtra. Being equidistant from Mumbai and Pune, many travelers head to Karjat resorts to escape the city life. We did it too and what better time than the monsoons to unravel nature’s magic, in this quaint town, surrounded by green hills and mesmerizing waterfalls.

Karjat - Town in India
Karjat – Town in India

Karjat to Mumbai on Royal Enfield

Karjat to Mumbai is less than 100 km, from both Mumbai & Pune and a journey best taken on a bike. The refreshing greens and the breezy winds, what would you ask for more, especially after being locked down at home for what seems like infinity.

So, geared on our dependable Royal Enfield Thunderbird, of course with helmets on all of us, we embarked on this escapade. The Karjat weather is so dreamy in monsoons that you will want to come back to this destination, again and again. In addition, the journey on bike was a smooth, two-hour ride, with a stop in between, at Shedung village in Panvel, to gorge on hot vada pavs.

Resort in Karjat – The Whey Side

Radisson Karjat was our first choice, perhaps as it pops up first on the internet search, but who were we kidding. It is too expensive for a stay and we are thrifty travelers. So, we instead searched for a forest resort karjat, and came across, The Whey Side.

The Whey Side Farm house, Karjat
The Whey Side Farm house, Karjat

What a beautiful karjat farmhouse it is! I cannot emphasize enough on its strategic location. Right in the arms of the tall, green mountains, The Whey Side, is a perfect resort in Karjat for a peaceful, short stay. By short, I mean two nights, on weekdays. Since the pandemic, we have stopped going on holidays over the weekend. Firstly, on weekdays, you get accommodation at economical rates, and secondly, the crowd is less, so the pandemic fear is a little subtracted.

Moving on, The Whey Side has six wooden cottages, offering you the most pleasant view of this quaint hill station. These glass cabins were cool from inside and the rains added to the beauty, making it dreamy heaven. Our stay was comfy and divine. Nothing can soothe my soul as much as mountain views, and hence, I add the adjective DIVINE. I couldn’t get enough of this view <3

The Whey Side Farm house, Karjat
The Whey Side Karjat farmhouse

I might go back to this resort again and just revel in the beauty of it all. Laze around the balcony and probably write my next book, after ‘A Girl on the Run’.

The Whey Side Karjat farmhouse review

Karjat villa or Karjat farmhouse, most of us come across these two choices when searching online. The Whey Side Karjat was more of a farmhouse as it was pet-friendly. The owner Mr. Subramanian Venkat, was a friendly and helpful host. His love for animals was quite evident. He had two dogs, several cats, with whom my daughter was in love, and a few parrots, one of them could speak a few words. Also, the wooden cabin had all the amenities, two large-sized beds, AC, and a TV, which kept my baby busy in the night when there was nothing much to do around. The highlight of my stay was this little balcony, giving a perfect view of the enormous green mountains. The hospitality staff included the locals who did a decent job of cleaning the room once a day.

The Whey Side Karjat farmhouse Cottages

The Whey Side – Food review

The food was fresh, tasty, and wholesome. The in-house food staff did a wonderful job of serving hot food in the rainy weather. So, we had breakfast, lunch, evening tea with snacks, and then again dinner. It’s surprising how the body’s food intake increases in cold weather. Since the accommodation was inclusive of food, it made the stay even more affordable for us. We booked this resort directly by calling on the owner’s number and could steal a good deal 😉

This resort in Karjat offers a swimming pool and it was big enough to enjoy a swim. For kids, there’s a garden area in the center. What my baby girl enjoyed the most was the run from our cabin to the lunch café to play with the cute cats and pet them till they were scared of her 😉

The Whey Side Karjat farmhouse Food


Karjat waterfall

There is a waterfall close by the resort, about 10 mins on the bike. Since the stones were rolling down due to heavy rains, the locals advised us not to trek all the way to the top. We paid heed to their suggestions and settled on a much smaller waterfall, but the experience was worth it. The cold water and literally no other people made our escapade more memorable. The trek was hardly anything, but wear comfortable shoes if you want to trek to the waterfall. Beach and waterfalls are two things kids enjoy the most when outdoors.

Karjat waterfall

In conclusion

Villa – Accommodation type makes a lot of difference to your overall holiday experience. I would recommend a stay at The Whey Side, for its warm host, lip-smacking food, cozy cottages, and mesmerizing views. To checkout more pictures of the villa, head to my instagram – bestofindiatravels.