Must visit beaches in Alibaug

Must visit beaches in Alibaug, let’s find out! Staying in an Alibag beach resort, close to Nagaon, gave us ample opportunities to explore the Nagaon beach stretch over our three days stay. The walk from Bougainvillea beach house to the long stretch of coastline was hardly a few minutes. The beach that was within a walking distance from the resort was not crowded, probably because of its hideous entry, or perhaps the Nagaon beach is far more famous than this stretch.

If you are traveling with a toddler, this beach is best for some family time to play and frolic in the sand and water. After exploring the clean waters for a while, we took the horse ride, as my baby was excited to experience it, but mostly because there were not many visitors and the guy kept on circling us 😛

After spending a good few hours at the beach, we walked back with all the sand stuck on to us and enjoyed a warm bath at the beach house.

Alibaug beach – Crowded, less clean

A trip to this beach paradise close to Mumbai & Pune is of course incomplete without a visit to the main beach or the Alibaug beach. Seated on our Royal Enfield, we enjoyed the 7 km ride to the Alibag beach. The roads are lined by beautiful trees and that makes for a worthy ride.

Alibaug beach
Alibaug beach

Frankly, I did not much enjoy my visit here as it was crowded and with the Covid 19 panic, it was hard to enjoy the funfair. Here, water sports were in full swing. So, if you look forward to enjoying some adrenaline rush, then bargain hard and enjoy the several water rides here. Also, while there, you can sit on a camel’s back and cherish a mesmerizing view of the ocean from atop.

After spraying the sanitizer on the concrete chairs installed for seating, we enjoyed an ice cream after God knows how long, at the Alibaug beach. Of course, post it, we clicked a few pics with the iconic attraction.

For shoppers, you will find many vendors here selling jewelry, goggles, and the likes. Don’t forget to add these cute shell-shaped earrings to your collection. I shopped for shades and earrings too. Aren’t they beautiful?

Alibaug beach

Varsoli beach – Cleanest beach, less crowded

Surely, a must-visit beach in Alibaug. This place was the highlight of our visit to Alibaug. Pristine, clean, golden sands, less commercial, I am short of adjectives here. When we visited this beach, it was just us on the beach and hence, perhaps we enjoyed this beach the most. The road that led to the Varsoli beach was a little narrow and perhaps the reason why fewer tourists visit the spot. We took our bike right on the beach and enjoyed a cool ride. The road that led to this beach was populated by locals engaged in the fishing business. But in the end, when you reach the beach, you feel passing the nasty environs was worth it.

Varsoli beach, Alibaug
Varsoli beach, Alibaug

I and my daughter played for a long on this beach. We even spotted exotic birds and chased them. Imagine being the only person on the beach, it was like our private beach, but of course, we went during the afternoon time and so we could have it all to ourselves. The cleanest beach to enjoy family time.

Nagaon beach – Clean waters, a little crowded

Another must -visit beach in Alibaug. Unlike Alibaug beach that was crowded with vendors and visitors alike, this beach was better in terms of sellers and crowd. One of the best places to enjoy the setting sun, this beach offered me Goa vibes. Again, water sports, horse rides, ATV rides, etc., the funfair was galore at this beach. Still, its charm and liveliness made us visit this one more than once over our three-day visit.

Nagaon beach, Alibaug
Nagaon beach, Alibaug

After visiting Nagaon beach, we pretty much visited it again for the rest of our time in Alibaug. Mainly because the road leading from Bougainvillea beach resort to Nagaon was lined with amazing food joints. Like I mentioned, in my previous blog, Weekend getaway to Alibaug beach, Mahesh Lunch Home was our go-to joint whenever we felt hungry and didn’t wish to spend more!

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. If you have any questions or need more information, do leave your comments.

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