Tarkarli again… Home-stay & Scuba diving this time!

Tarkarli beach
Tarkarli is a heaven on earth, a place that can soothe your mind & relax your soul. Fill you with so much warmth, good food, adventurous activities, and a lifetime of memories, that once you visit this place, you will want to keep coming back.
Therefore, after eight years of my first trip to this beautiful beach destination, I was here again for a short three-four day picnic. This time our group was quite big with varied personalities spanning different age groups, from 1 year old to 70 plus.
One big family! 
On the night of Christmas, we boarded our train from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus at around 1 pm in the night & reached Kankavli station by 9 am in the morning.
From there, we took a bus, pre-arranged by one of our friends, to the most amazing homestay one could imagine. For the next three nights our destination was – Nature plus agro tourism, in Sindhudurg. As the name suggests, the homestay was right in the arms of nature and just one glance around and you could feel the warmth this place has to offer.
Pic Courtesy – Nature AgroPlus
Peaceful and serene, I felt one with nature as soon as I entered this resort. Simple & cozy rooms, yummy food and picturesque outdoors, this agro farm is perfect to have a fun vacation with family.
As I mentioned, our group ranged from kids to elderly, and all of them had great amount of fun. While kids simply reveled in sand play, the elderly enjoyed the laidback air on a hammock and the tree top, just soaking in the nature and pure air.
Tree top view @ NaturePlus Agrofarm
For me, this place gave me that silence to ponder and chillax. For once, my mind was not running and I was at peace, such is the calming effect of this place – Tarkarli.
The best part of this home-stay was their food, the special fish thali lunches were so scrumptious, wish I could still revel it. The fish was yum, fresh and soft, and not to forget the famous Solkadi. Oh man, must have drowned a few glasses along with the tasty food. This home-stay offered the best food, both in veg and non-veg, and the best view. 

Tarkarli home-stay
The days were mostly spend in eating, more eating, and the rest of the time in exploring the nature around the resort. Kids were busy playing in the mud while we adults got some time to detach from the fast life and just breath in & out, at a slow pace.
Tarkarli beach resort
Here, we used to wake up early to catch the fresh landscape of fog and dew. Everything around it looked surreal, simply magical.
After enjoying our healthy breakfast, we did step out of the resort only on the second day to enjoy water activities, especially scuba diving. Straight away, we headed to Sindhudurg Fort. Since December is a peak season in Tarkarli, there was a huge wait, which gave us many opportunities to visit the fort and dwell a little in the history.
Sand Ganpati @ Sindhudurg Fort
There are many water sports activity operators in the area. All are certified, so pick any one, as the pricing is also same for most of them. You need to tell them before hand as to how many members from your group are going to do scuba diving. A rough number is all they want so that they can arrange a boat and take you to the exact spot.  
Tarkarli Scuba diving
Two hours inside the fort, we got hungry and had the yummiest Zunka Bhakar. You should try this local food while exploring the fort. In my next blog, I will share my scuba diving experience with all of you. Stay tuned!

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