Yercaud hill station a tiny, must-visit hill station in Tamil Nadu

Must-visit hill stations in India

Must-visit hill stations in India, this list is incomplete without Yercaud – a tiny laidback hill station nestled in the north of Tamil Nadu. The first thoughts that come to my mind as I close my eyes and picture myself on this beautiful hill station are – mesmerizing, great hospitality, less commercial, and nature beyond words, simple & pure. 

India is abundant in beaches & hill stations. While beaches are my absolute favorite, I cannot deny my love for hill stations too. A few years ago, my husband planned a trip to this teeny-tiny hill station, as I fondly remember it, Yercaud, situated in the Salem District.

Shevaroy Hills, Yercaud
Shevaroy Hills

Flanked by the Shevaroy Hills, Yercaud is a small hill station abundant in nature, as if specially painted by the almighty in the breathtaking canvas. The climate is cold during winters, the air chilly, temperature close to 13 degrees and below, making it perfect to enjoy some hill time.

How to reach Yercaud hill station?

This must-visit hill station in India is well connected via air, rail, and road. Since we were in Pondicherry at that time, we booked a private car that took us along the scenic NH79 towards Yercaud. It was the month of December and Pondicherry had a pleasant climate. But as soon as we reached close to Yercaud, the hill station vibes hit us.

The highway ride was smooth and we did not realize the six-hour-long car journey. However, as soon as the hills started, the ride became a little dizzy, if I must say. round and round, the car paced ahead at a slow, uniform speed. Thankfully, the hilly ride was not much, less than 40 minutes, but it was enough to give us a feeling of being on a hill station.

Where to stay in Yercaud?

Yercaud, as I can recall, was not much of a commercial hill station. But you can find all types of accommodation, from budget to premium. We stayed at a Club Mahindra affiliate resort, Lake Forest Resort. 

Lake Forest Yercaud - Club Mahindra Holidays
Lake Forest Yercaud hill station – Club Mahindra Holidays

It is one of the oldest resorts in Yercaud and hence abundant in old-world charm. The rooms were fashioned old style with vintage furniture and décor. From the door of the room to the insides, it screamed vintage. Nevertheless, having said that, it had all the amenities and comfort of a modern property.

Vintage interiors, Lake Forest Resort, Yercaud hill station
Vintage interiors

After staying at several Club Mahindra resorts, Lake Forest resort is my favorite. Once you take a stroll down this path, inside the vicinity, your mind will forever be stuck in its greens.

Lake Forest Yercaud hill station - Club Mahindra
Lake Forest, Yercaud hill station

Our visit was made more memorable all thanks to the Christmas revelry. The resort was decked up with beautiful Christmas trees embellished with the best of jewels and the stars…omg…I don’t even remember how long I sat there and just felt one with my thoughts. For once my toddler was also lulled to just sit and admire nature. Yercaud weather is cool for most part of the year. The best time to visit this hill station is between October & June.

Christmas celebrations at Lake Forest Resort, Yercaud hill station
Christmas celebrations at Lake Forest Resort, Yercaud hill station

Since it is a small hill station, we took it slow to explore the nearby spots, mostly one can visit them walking. I will share more about the must-visit places to see in Yercaud in my next blog. Stay tuned and if you have any comments, do share!

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